Our client from Brownsville, TX asked us for something new and fresh to bring into the glass industry. We extracted the colors from their logo and created a website that feels transparent, clean, yet tough, like glass.


We studied their competition, broke it all apart, and took what matters most: their projects. With that in mind we built the site around the amazing work they do in their community, all while giving it a friendly look, with a corporate feel.

Industrial Logo
Commercial Logo

In the construction business, the perfect lines mean everything. We took those and created subtle background patterns to match the over-all brand of Glass Mart.

Next we took advantage of the color scheme. Variations of blues with splashes of grey and white create an environment as smooth as glass.

We completed the project by adding images of their quality work and fine tuning the scroll effects. Last but not least, we simplified the home page, giving the customer a chance to get the over-all picture and navigate to other pages to find out more if their curiosity arose.







Mirror Logo
Balcony Icon
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Industrial icon


Fire Icon
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Door icon
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