We all know it's an honor being able to work with a published author, even more honorable is working with the talented Coach Ed Brannon. His book generated so many amazing  testimonials from players and parents he has worked with that we advised to keep it at a maximum of 4 for design purposes.

If you are interested in becoming a more talented athlete in the sport of baseball check out his book, it's a homerun (pun intended).

We wanted to keep the look consistent so we took the colors of the book and used it as our palate. We then found large baseball field images and used them to complete the style of the site.







We then took the concept of the layout of the baseball field and incorporated it to the site. We created some icons to reflect the positions played on the field and linking them to the important points of the book.

To complete the project, we added a "buy now" button to site to take customers to a PayPal portal to buy the book. We kept it straight to the point and easy to navigate in order to funnel Coach Brannon's customers down the "funnel".