Pictures are worth a thousand words. However, we know that pictures can also induce your senses of smell, taste, and touch. That's why we built this website to revolve around the photographs we took of each individual tea the good people at Teazert sell.


Take a look at the photographs to the right. We can bet some quality squid ink that you can feel the texture of the dried tea leaves, smell the bouquet of exotic ingredients, and taste the variety of fruity notes each tea delivers.

The first duty of business was to make sure her website had stable roots. We planted the seed, and built a reliable back-end for her online store front.

We then took her color palate and styled the front page to match her product. It was important for us to make her clientele feel at home when shopping on her website.

We uploaded all the edited photographs we took of her teas, tea ware, and gift sets. We then added descriptions and respective steeping times to all of her teas.

E-Commerce was next. We made sure she had a robust system to handle her inventory, taxes, and calculated shipping costs based on her customers location

Voilá! A seed became a beautiful tree. Teazert can now sell fine teas and quality tea ware to people all around the world.


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